My 1st Cabinet Bar

Here are a few pictures of the first cabinet bar I built. It was a tremendous learning experience. I am currently finishing a newer version with a few improvements over the one pictured below. The single most time consuming aspect of building the cabinet bar below were all the panels I decided to make myself. I ripped 2 x 6’s of a combination of red wood and western white pine into strips, and all of the panels were made from gluing (laminating) the strips together. The bar top was also made in this fashion. I had a rather basic clamp table I built out of left over 2 x 6’s from renovating my rear deck, which was helpful.

However, I would not recommend making your own panels this way as it is completely unnecessary. My real motivation for making my own panels and bar top this way was to get practice in laminating wood into panels and also to get more practice in using my hand planes to get a smooth and flat surface. In my current build I am using a 1/4 inch mahogany plywood for all panels, which allows for a lighter cabinet that is just as strong. Also, you may notice the trim I attached to the back of the cabinet (or front of the bar). I These pieces of trim were made on my router table. While I’m satisfied with the final product, I’m not particularly pleased. However, I consider the cabinet bar pictured below to be a prototype, which allows me to perceive the slight imperfections as opportunities to improve my design.

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