Home Bar Top Plans

As I mentioned elsewhere in this site, I have a few ways in mind for making an attractive bar top. The first set of plans below illustrate a bar top made from 1/2 inch plywood laminated with a nice veneer of your favorite hardwood, then surrounded with flush trim to cover the ugly edge of the plywood. This would be a very affordable way to make a great looking and durable top. In place of the rather thick trim pictured below, strips of the hard wood veneer used for the top and bottom of the bar top could be used. Also, the bottom of the plywood might not need to have a nice hardwood veneer surface if the surface of the plywood is nice enough. For the added folding bar top leafs, however, you would probably want both sides of these covered with the nice hard wood veneer since both sides of these will be seen.


This second set of illustrations (below) show an optional method to making the bar top by laminating wood strips together to form a large board. If you have good quality kiln-dried wood, and you alternate the direction of the growth rings for the boards, this can make a great looking bar top. Alternating the growth rings will minimize the chance of any warping. However, you will need a good hand plane to level the surface, and be sure to use a glue that states “stainable” so that any small amount of dried glue that may be visible will blend well when you stain this top. An option with this bar top is to add perpindicular inlays for added support and a nice custom touch. My most recent bar top is made in such a way and I am using Indian Laurel for the inlays which should look very nice once the surface is well finished. Obviosly, the option above is less time consuming, but this is just another option:

Western Bar Stools – Get Back The Feeling Of The Wild West Explorers And Cowboys


If you want to create a feeling of the long-gone times (well just about a hundred, hundred fifty years back) when the gold rush, open land rush, and the mysteries of the West in the newly discovered North America have drawn folks from the Eastern States, and Europe, toward the Wild West, then equipping your kitchen bar, or your Wild-West style saloon, that is, bar, makes a lot of sense!

And a set of western bar stools will play a significant role in creating that atmosphere. Back then hundred and more years back, the steel industry was just starting out, and when you were to acuire, or, often, make yourself, a nice stool to sit on, you’d just have to use the wood that you can get a hold of, and maybe some leather made from an animal that you shot down to get yourself some meat to eat.

When you’ve made yourself a set of such western bar stools, you could now enjoy them on your own, or with your wife, or with a bunch of cowboy friends. You’d grab yourself a beer after a long day in the wilderness, working in a gold mine, tending the flock of cows, building a house, or whatever your job was in that western town.

Yes, you can recreate that feeling in your home by getting yourself a set of western bar stools. Or you can complete your western-style bar by acquiring a set of such rustic pub bar stools. There are a few differnt kinds you can choose from, but regardless which one you choose, you can rest assured that these will be some unique bar stools! We’ll look here at a few types of western bar stools, Saddle bar stools, and Cowhide bar stools.

Saddle bar stools

Saddle bar stools are, in good old cowboy tradition, made of wood. They normally have four legs and the wooden bars connecting the legs for sturdiness. You will sometimes find the saddle bar stools with a round sitting area, but often they will be shaped in a shape of a rectangle. That rectangle, often, will be bent downwards along the longer side, so you will have a nice support for your rear end that way. You will be able to sit facing perpendicular to the longer axis of the rectangle, or you will be able to sit facing parallel with the longer axis, as if you were riding a hourse. If you like that position, you might be better off just getting a set of cowhide bar stools instead, see below. Or you could get a leather finish seat for extra comfort. To see some saddle bar stools in different colors and finishes, such as black, off white, natural wood, leather, check out this link.

Cowhide bar stools

Cowhide is a natural cow leather which has not been treated by bleach, but has rather just been used as such. You will get the feel of an animal that way when you go over it with your hand. You will feel the direction of the cow hair – you will fill the mild sting when stroking the leather against the direction of the hair. Cowhide bar stools sometimes are made of natural oak wood, bent as it is found in nature, and the bar stool sculpted along the lines of the natural oak branches. This gives a chair a special, rustic look.

A great example of such western bar stools, cowhide style, are these saddle stools, made of oak seat and hickory branches for legs. Check out their natural look and feel here.

Over The Door Towel Racks FAQs

On this over the door towel racks frequently asked questions page, we present answers to the top questions that shoppers have when it comes to buying the best towel racks and bars for their needs.

What are over the door towel racks? How are they helpful?

Over the door towel racks are a towel racks with bars and/or hooks that hang behind a cabinet door or bathroom door. You can hang towels of different sizes on these bars and racks. These towel bars for bathrooms or kitchens are really handy when you have maxed out on the space available in the wall mounted towel rack or your existing towel bar arrangement.

Over the door towel racks comes with multi-tiered towel bars that are spread out enough to allow multiple towels their own space. When you think about it, it’s an ingenious set-up that creates space and organization out of thin air, even in small bathrooms or kitchens. An over the door towel rack is very convenient because it does not require wall space or floor space unlike an extra free standing towel rack. Even though they hang over the door, over the door towel racks are designed so that the door can essily close even with the towel rack.

By hanging towels to dry, instead of damp in a pile, you can keep them in better shape. It also prevents the growth of mildew on the towels, which you most certainly want to avoid. Besides being used for hanging towels, they can also be used for drying clothes.

Are over the door towel racks easy to install?

Over the door towel racks are easy to install. Most can be set-up just by hand without the need for extra tools. The rack iteslf usually requires some type of assembly to put together. Once you do that, you can hang it over the door. In many models, you can also mount the rack onto the door or wall if brackets are included by the manufacturer.

The great thing is that they are easy to put in place and remove as and when they are needed. Perhaps you only need them periodically when guests are visiting. Hang them on during that time and then remove and store them in the closet when they are not needed.

Do all over the door towel racks look about the same, or are there variations in designs and colors are available?

While traditionally the typical over the door towel racks sold in stores are rather similar looking, you can find new products with either subtle design upgrades that enhance their presentation tremendously, as well as a minority (but available) of more decorative offerings in the market today.

Over the door towel racks usually come in most colors that bathroom fixtures and racks come in. Most commonly, you will find steel racks coated with white epoxy. There are also wooden, bammboo, oil rubbed bronze and chrome towel racks available.

As far as design goes, most are modern looking. Decorative designs that incorporate lots of curves and waves along with good practical function are very much in vogue now for over the door towel racks.

Do an over the door towel rack come with a single towel bar or multiple bars? What other product variations are there?

Most come with multiple bars that are spaced out properly so that multiple towels has enough room to hang free from touching each other. Still, if you prefer a more minimalistic design and only have a need for a single bar design, they are available as well. Some also come with swing bars that spread out and make it easy to hang quite a towels at the same time.

As far as product variations go, some have a row of numerous towel hooks instead of bars. If you prefer, there are also towel racks that include both bars and hooks.

How much do over the door towel racks typically cost? Where can I find them?

On the low end, over the door towel racks are priced for as little as $10 – $15. In general, the price range is anywhere from $15 to $30.

They are readily available in lots of big box stores like Walmart, Target and bed and bath stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond. You can also purchase them online from Amazon.com.

We hope that you find these questions and answers about over the door towel racks useful for your needs. When shopping for the best towel bars or racks for your home, it is most important to keep in mind what size and capacity you need, and what type of towels or other items you are looking to hang on the rack. There are lots of different designs and sizes available, so start with knowing what you need. Then, check out various product descriptions and reviews about the over the door towel racks and pick out the best match for your needs.