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  • November 17, 2017


Welcome to! On our site you will find manufacturers and models of some of the most functional and at the same time most elegant leather bar stools available. You will find a great selection of black leather bar stools here, whether you are looking for a bar stool set to complement your counter top style or kitchen style, or whether you are looking for everyday functionality of breakfast bar stools, comfort of leather swivel bar stools, ease of maintenance of stainless steel stools, or durability of your new black leather bar stool set.

Perhaps the very first thing that comes to mind when thinking about black leather bar stool set is the elegance and style of a metal, contemporary type stool. We will also discuss wood bar stools, swivel stools, counter bar stools, backless bar stools, adjustable bar stools, and more…


Wood black leather stools

Combine the warmth of the wood, such as red cherry wood, with the softness and comfort and elegance of the black leather seat and back rest, and possibly a swivel feature for ease of entrance and exit and you have a kitchen bar stool winner! You will find these wooden bar stools in the section about wood bar stools.

Swivel stools

Why get a swivel bar stool? One reason: Ease of entry and exit. When you are sitting up high on a bar stool, your legs are stretched and there is not much leverage when you are ready to get out. With swivel bar stools, you can use minimal force either using your arms pulling gently on the bar, or countertop, and swing yourself away and out. Highly functional and fun, too. Find all about swivel bar stools by clicking here.

Counter height bar stools

Counter height stools have come to mean 24 in. height of the seat level, which is appropriate for the counter height table, which itself is about 36 inch high. “Normal” or “usual” bar stools are 30 inch, up to 36 inch seat level and more. This would correspond to a bar table surface height of about 40 inch or higher. Visit this following section to find counter height bar stools.

How do you shop for black leather bar stools online?

Here you will find some amazing tips on how to save 55% or more on many kinds of designer bar stools and more! Head over to this section to find out about the secret of saving 55% or more: bar stools for sale.

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