Home Bar Plans


Home bars add value to the home especially when you are planning to sell it in a tight market. But while you are in the house, a home bar is great place to relax by yourself or in the company of friends. With such benefits, you will then want to look at home bar plans to install one in your den, in the living room and even in the man-cave.

Plan of Action
Just like most things in the house that require time, effort and money, you must have a plan of action in the installation of a home bar. This way, you can conserve on these three elements essential in transforming plans into reality. For example, when the home bar turns out to be an excellent piece of furniture because of your careful plan of action, you need not spend more money just to have it modified, repaired or deconstructed.


Your plan of action from choosing from several home bar plans to stocking the bar with your favorite alcoholic drinks can look like this:

Choose and then download the home bar plan from an online site

Purchase the materials listed in the plan

Contact a woodworking professional to do the job

Supervise the construction to ensure that it is according to your specifications

Install the home bar and then stock with drinks, glasses and other accessories


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Yes, this is a simplistic approach to building a home bar with the help of a woodworking professional. We can, fortunately, break down the steps into chunks especially the part about choosing the home bar plans since this is the start of the process.


Choice in Plans
Before you even choose a home bar plan, you must first determine where the bar will be placed. This way, you can quickly narrow down your choices based on the available space in both the floor area and the ceiling height. You will not choose a home bar plan that will produce furniture that will not perfectly fit with the area, will you?
So, get your measuring tape out and start the measurements for the floor area available as well as the ceiling height for the home bar. Then, you must add sufficient room for movement around the planned home bar. For example, if the available floor area for the bar is at 6 square meters, you should find home bar plans with a total area of only 4 square meters.
You will then proceed to the style of the home bar. Do you want a simple bar with just sufficient space for a few bottles of wine, a few glasses and other accessories? Do you want all the bells and whistles including lighting, plumbing and even high-tech features? Do you want a mid-range home bar? These questions are necessary so that you will find a woodworking plan for a home bar within your budget.


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And of course, you want to choose from among home bar plans that are complete and comprehensive in every sense of the word. You must find a complete list of materials with their estimated costs, a schematic diagram of how each piece fits, and a step-by-step tutorial. You may not even have to hire the services of a woodworking professional as you can do it on your own!

Swivel Bar Stools – For Elegance And Ease Of Exit


If you are acquiring a bar stool set for a kitchen or a bar, then the swivel function will help the person get on the chair, and into the proper sitting position at the bar. That is regardless of whether you are looking for a backless swivel bar stool, or a swivel bar stool with backrest, a wood swivel bar stool, a metal swivel bar stool, or you are looking for leather swivel bar stools. The swivel function is especially helpful with any bar stool that features arm rests.

When you are planning to use a bar stool in a game room, the swivel will allow you to easily follow in the direction where the most action is happening. For kitchen with a bar and a separate counter, an adjustable swivel bar stool might be the best.

Let’s look at some elegant black leather bar stool choices. We’ll describe the three popular types: Nail head black leather backless stool, Espresso finish wood back swivel stool, and a Swivel bar stool with armrest.

Nail head black leather backless bar stool

This popular backless stool is inexpensive yet functional. Easy to get on and in the position to eat or drink at the bar, in the kitchen, and easy to use in a game room. And when you are done, this chair will be easily stowed away despite its standard, 30 inch seat height. Check it out at 70% off at Amazon.com.

Espresso finish wood back swivel bar stool

When you want your back to rest for a bit, or when you would like to have a place to lean your arm on, then a back rest will come handy in a bar stool. Not a place to fall asleep in a 29 inch high bar stool seat, mind you, as it is a long way to the floor if you fall, but taking a quick rest is fine. Check out this high back swivel bar stool.

Swivel bar stool with armrest

In a bar stool with arm rests, the swivel function is absolutely essential. Think about it: Bar stools are designed to simplify, and speed up the movement, either in the kitchen, at the bar, or in a game room. A counter bar stool must be quick to get on, quick to get off, and quick to get in and out of the position to take in a bite to eat or a quick drink.

So while the arm rests are useful for added stability sitting in a high bar stool, they are a distraction to get in and out of a bar stool. So the swivel feature comes to rescue. Swing the front to the side or back, get in, and swing the chair back in the position for a quick meal. Pronto! Check out a beautiful black leather swivel bar stool with armrest at 34% off at Amazon.

You always need to match the height of the kitchen swivel bar stool with the height of the table, and you need to measure both the height and the width of your bar top or counter top before you buy a matching counter bar stool. The bar stool height of 30+ inch has become the standard for 40-42 inch high bar tables. However, for a lower height, or the “counter height” table or counter, you need lower, 24 inch or so seating height counter height bar stools. Take a look.


Modern, Contemporary Bar Stools – Match Your Style, Match Your Sizes

When looking for modern, contemporary bar stools, there are really just two items you need to pay attention to. First, is the style. If your bar or kitchen includes a lot of modern type materials as finishes, such as metal, or plastic, then the style of your modern bar stool could be metallic, such as chrome finish, or brushed nickel finish. However, if your kitchen or bar mostly includes wooden element, then you would be better off by choosing wood bar stool style instead. We will look at the metallic styles here: Stout stool style, Lift adjustable stools, Contemporary chrome swivel stool, and more, below.

The second element that you need to pay attention to is the size. While most modern bar stools come in 30 in. height up to 36 in., their widths vary considerably, and many are adjustable, between 20-some inches to 30-some inches seat height. Be sure to consider both the width of the stool and the height range of the seat when purchasing.

Stout bar stool style

The Stout stool style features heavy padded arm rests and generously padded backrest and seat. It is a bit wider than the others, so be sure to take that into account when measuring the size of your bar. You can see the Stout bar stool chair at Amazon.

Winsome wood air lift adjustable bar stools

These minimalistic faux black leather stools with a minimum back rest, and a clean, unpretentious look, will complement any modern kitchen design or contemporary bar design. The ease of getting seated and unseated in this metal bar stool is only matched by the ease of stoving the chairs in their low-level position, which is just 25 inches with these backless bar stools. You can enjoy wonderful customer reviews and buy these discount bar stools at only $69 a pair or less through Amazon!

Wholesale Interiors Dallas adjustable black leather style stools

When you want to go all out and splurge on a visually stunning, real leather, stool to really kick the looks of your place into a whole new level, then Wholesale Interiors Dallas chair might be for you. A brilliant design feature of extenging the foot rest down from the front of the seat is its hallmark. Warning: This leather bar stool is not for everyone, pricewise! Check it out here.

Modern chrome swivel bar stool with arms

These wonderful looking stools feature round padded faux leather seat and a rounded back rest which extends itself into unpadded, chrome arm rests that finally connect to the seat. The arm rests and the back rest are relatively wide design, 20 inch wide. Due to its design this chrome bar stool will be easy to clean. You can see the images of this stool here.

Holofernes mid-back leather counter stool

Quite a simplistic, no-nonsense, flat black bonded leather seat with four stable steel legs will give better than average stability in a highly elegant package. Great for eating a quick meal at the bar or counter and for having fun in the game room or the kitchen. Check out the image at Amazon.

Have you thought of getting a wooden black leather stool instead? Looking for a selection of sturdy kitchen bar stools? If so, check out a selection in the wood bar stools section.

Counter Height Bar Stools – A Happy Medium

“Counter Height” in bar stools has come to mean the height of about 24 inches. This is lower than the normal bar stool height of 30 inch seating level, yet higher than the normal sitting level of a regular chair which is about 18-20 inches. A happy medium. Among other uses this height is appropriate for small dining tables that are of above average height.

Counter height bar stool sets come in several types, and it is up to you to select the kind that you want. We will explore here the main characteristics of the following types of leather counter height stools: Backless counter height stools, Low backrest bar stools, High back bar stools, Folding counter level bar stools, and Adjustable swivel bar stools.

Backless counter height stools

Backless counter height bar stools are handy for smaller type bars and raised dinettes because they require very little space, both when used and when stowed away. When a chrome finish is combined with a black leather seating, you get a stool that will fit any modern room interior. Take a look at the images of this Winsome Wood Air Lift Adjustable Stools, adjustable from 25 inch (counter height) to 30 inch (bar height). Also read the customer reviews: You will find these are really easy to assemble, and look great, especially in a stainless steel finish kitchen. Incidentally, you will find many people bought them on impulse because of the 62% discount and were very happy with the purchase.

Low backrest bar stools

When you add backrest to a bar stool, you better make sure that the stability of the stool is there; adding a low backrest will still remind a user to not lean too much on to the back seat. What a designer can also do is to add legs that extend further out and add to the stability. This is exactly what the Coaster designers have accomplished in this set of 2 24 inch counter height stools with a black leather like seat and low back rest. Take a look here.

High back bar stools

In a stainless steel kitchen, you can not go wrong with a shiny chrome topped with a leather seat and a full back rest. The model by Winston fits that image well. Check it out here.

Folding counter level bar stools

When you want elegance of a black leather counter height stool but need extra space when the stools are not in use, or perhaps you want to use them in different places and you want them portable and stackable, then folding counter level bar stools might be right for you. This 24 inch folding counter height stool comes in wood finish and full back. It will add elegance to any space, and any color kitchen or patio. Take a look.

Adjustable swivel bar stools

Why swivel? In bar stools, be it counter height level bar stools, or full height, the stools are usually positioned close to each other, and the position in which you get in is hardly a position in which you sit. Plus, unless your legs are extremely long, it is downright impossible to “stand down, pull the chair forward, and sit back on it” as you can do with a regular height chair. Enter swivel bar stool. You can simply climb on it when it is turned away from the counter or bar, and then swing back towards or “into” the counter or bar after you have assumed your sitting position. Voila! Take a look at the example of an adjustable high back leather swivel black bar stool here at Amazon.

For an even bigger selection of modern bar stools, see the section contemporary bar stools.

Black Leather Bar Stools – Enjoy High Class Elegance, Comfort And Function


Welcome to BlackLeatherBarStools.net! On our site you will find manufacturers and models of some of the most functional and at the same time most elegant leather bar stools available. You will find a great selection of black leather bar stools here, whether you are looking for a bar stool set to complement your counter top style or kitchen style, or whether you are looking for everyday functionality of breakfast bar stools, comfort of leather swivel bar stools, ease of maintenance of stainless steel stools, or durability of your new black leather bar stool set.

Perhaps the very first thing that comes to mind when thinking about black leather bar stool set is the elegance and style of a metal, contemporary type stool. We will also discuss wood bar stools, swivel stools, counter bar stools, backless bar stools, adjustable bar stools, and more…


Wood black leather stools

Combine the warmth of the wood, such as red cherry wood, with the softness and comfort and elegance of the black leather seat and back rest, and possibly a swivel feature for ease of entrance and exit and you have a kitchen bar stool winner! You will find these wooden bar stools in the section about wood bar stools.

Swivel stools

Why get a swivel bar stool? One reason: Ease of entry and exit. When you are sitting up high on a bar stool, your legs are stretched and there is not much leverage when you are ready to get out. With swivel bar stools, you can use minimal force either using your arms pulling gently on the bar, or countertop, and swing yourself away and out. Highly functional and fun, too. Find all about swivel bar stools by clicking here.

Counter height bar stools

Counter height stools have come to mean 24 in. height of the seat level, which is appropriate for the counter height table, which itself is about 36 inch high. “Normal” or “usual” bar stools are 30 inch, up to 36 inch seat level and more. This would correspond to a bar table surface height of about 40 inch or higher. Visit this following section to find counter height bar stools.

How do you shop for black leather bar stools online?

Here you will find some amazing tips on how to save 55% or more on many kinds of designer bar stools and more! Head over to this section to find out about the secret of saving 55% or more: bar stools for sale.