Colourful kitchen units are becoming increasingly popular and the range of styles, from über contemporary to traditional is immense. I have to admit, that in the past, I’ve tended to stick with neutral; usually white gloss or soft blonde coloured units, but I’m definitely tempted but some of the colourful units I’ve found. So as part of my colour crush series, here’s my pick of what’s trending at the moment.


Vibrant Colours

Vibrant hues will add warmth and impact to a room, especially if your kitchen is part of a larger living space; for example, a kitchen diner and you intend to spend a lot of time there. The use of vibrant colour in this instance will help transform a functional kitchen into an inviting family relaxation space and turn it literally into the real hub of the house. Both of these bright kitchens below feature island units and bar stools, great for informal dining or just to pull up a seat for a chat.


Soft Chalk Like Pastels

If vibrant shades aren’t your thing, take a look at these three kitchens below. All three of them are great examples of how soft, chalky pastels can work brilliantly in the kitchen. This traditional shaker style kitchen below has incorporated a subtle twist on things by adding a deeper blue hue into the mix. The cornflower blue island unit adds a subtle depth of colour and the change in worktop from wood to white granite adds an informal touch.


Contemporary Pastel Kitchen Shades

Many people dismiss pastels when planning a contemporary style kitchen, due to the association soft colours have with country and retro styles. For example, just think of all the Cath Kidston type of kitchen accessories around at the moment, not to mention the popularity of mid century blenders, kettles and toasters in bubble gum retro pastel shades. The surprising thing is though that softer shades can work fabulously well when allied with the clean sleek lines of a super modern kitchen. Just look how lush this baby blue, high gloss, handleless kitchen looks. The combination of high tech, high end appliances, adds a real design twist giving the chalky blue units a modern edgy feel.

The designer of this soft peppermint green, high gloss kitchen below has also cleverly combined high tech stainless steel appliances with traditional retro shades. There’s nothing sentimental about this kitchen though, with it’s sleek lines and functional work areas, it’s perfect for modern family life. By echoing the colours from the living room, which can be seen through the small arch, there’s a great continuity of colour which softens the whole look, whilst giving it a cohesive feel. I also like the use of open shelving which is both a functional and attractive feature. No fishing around in the back of the cupboard for another glass!


Shades of Grey

surprisingly for someone who loves vibrant shades, I have a real soft spot for grey, as it can be such a dramatic shade. It can also be used as a neutral, but not bland backdrop if you want to keep things subtle. This grey shaker style kitchen below is an excellent example of this. the pearl grey wall units add soft colour, whilst the dramatic dark grey island unit adds drama without overwhelming the room. You can then add pops of colour with kitchen appliances and accessories. I must just mention the three lights over the island unit. If you have a tall ceiling, something like this works amazingly well, being both practical and funky, they soften the space brilliantly.

I’m also impressed with this sleek deep grey, high gloss kitchen, it proves that grey can be anything but dull, especially when twinned with fresh white worktops and vibrant, on trend colour pops. Again, note how pendant lighting is used to really effectively over the worktop.


Mixing Up Colours

If you’re looking to mix things up  a little, then why not opt for a more undone, less structured look. By using complementary shades, you can give your kitchen a less structured, more casual feel. Choose your colour combinations carefully so your kitchen still looks cohesive, the last thing you want is a patchwork effect of clashing colour, as this will only serve to make the room feel cluttered and disjointed. I like these two combinations below, the contemporary gloss kitchen again uses sharp white to compliment deep grey, but this time with complementary units, in addition to worktops.



Whilst in this traditional kitchen below, pearl grey units provide the central focus to the room, with the deep indigo wall units introduce bold colour without overwhelming the space. The use of mirror fronts to one of the runs of units is especially effective, reflecting the kitchen back on itself and bouncing light around the room.

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