Counter Height Bar Stools – A Happy Medium

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  • November 19, 2017

“Counter Height” in bar stools has come to mean the height of about 24 inches. This is lower than the normal bar stool height of 30 inch seating level, yet higher than the normal sitting level of a regular chair which is about 18-20 inches. A happy medium. Among other uses this height is appropriate for small dining tables that are of above average height.

Counter height bar stool sets come in several types, and it is up to you to select the kind that you want. We will explore here the main characteristics of the following types of leather counter height stools: Backless counter height stools, Low backrest bar stools, High back bar stools, Folding counter level bar stools, and Adjustable swivel bar stools.

Backless counter height stools

Backless counter height bar stools are handy for smaller type bars and raised dinettes because they require very little space, both when used and when stowed away. When a chrome finish is combined with a black leather seating, you get a stool that will fit any modern room interior. Take a look at the images of this Winsome Wood Air Lift Adjustable Stools, adjustable from 25 inch (counter height) to 30 inch (bar height). Also read the customer reviews: You will find these are really easy to assemble, and look great, especially in a stainless steel finish kitchen. Incidentally, you will find many people bought them on impulse because of the 62% discount and were very happy with the purchase.

Low backrest bar stools

When you add backrest to a bar stool, you better make sure that the stability of the stool is there; adding a low backrest will still remind a user to not lean too much on to the back seat. What a designer can also do is to add legs that extend further out and add to the stability. This is exactly what the Coaster designers have accomplished in this set of 2 24 inch counter height stools with a black leather like seat and low back rest. Take a look here.

High back bar stools

In a stainless steel kitchen, you can not go wrong with a shiny chrome topped with a leather seat and a full back rest. The model by Winston fits that image well. Check it out here.

Folding counter level bar stools

When you want elegance of a black leather counter height stool but need extra space when the stools are not in use, or perhaps you want to use them in different places and you want them portable and stackable, then folding counter level bar stools might be right for you. This 24 inch folding counter height stool comes in wood finish and full back. It will add elegance to any space, and any color kitchen or patio. Take a look.

Adjustable swivel bar stools

Why swivel? In bar stools, be it counter height level bar stools, or full height, the stools are usually positioned close to each other, and the position in which you get in is hardly a position in which you sit. Plus, unless your legs are extremely long, it is downright impossible to “stand down, pull the chair forward, and sit back on it” as you can do with a regular height chair. Enter swivel bar stool. You can simply climb on it when it is turned away from the counter or bar, and then swing back towards or “into” the counter or bar after you have assumed your sitting position. Voila! Take a look at the example of an adjustable high back leather swivel black bar stool here at Amazon.

For an even bigger selection of modern bar stools, see the section contemporary bar stools.

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