Over The Door Towel Bar – A Shopper’s Guide

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  • November 27, 2017


Whether you are looking for a great over the door towel bar for your bathroom, kitchen or an important area of your home, you have come to the right page. We have assembled some of the top factors to take note of, as well as specific over the door towel bar for you to look over.

Over The Door Towel Bar – Important Considerations

When it comes to purchasing an over the door towel bar, there are few important factors to pay attention to. The most important is to define what your needs are. For a lot of people, it may be hard to gather up your thoughts quickly, so here are some guiding questions that would cover most bases:

1. What type of towels do you want to hang? Are they going to be hand towels, or bath towels, or both? An over the door towel bar comes in various lengths or multi-tiers, so depending on what your needs are, you can find something that fits.

2. Where you do intend to have this over the door towel bar? Do you intend to put this behind your bathroom door, or in the kitchen behind the kitchen cabinet door? There are designs and colors of towel bars more suited for each area of the home. Some fit better behind regular doors while others are better for cabinet doors, and yet others are good for both. So it is important to read the products descriptions and choose the right over the door towel bar for your needs.

3. Do you just need a single over the door towel bar or more of a towel rack over the door with double towel bars (or even more)? How many towels do you want to hang? If it is just one, a single bar would probably suffice. However, if you have several towels or other items like bathrobes and shower caps to consider, then look for towel racks with multiple bars as well as hooks. Whether it is a single over the door towel bar or a multi-tier rack, there are many well-designed options that will make your bathroom look very presentable and organized.

Bamboo Over The Door Towel Bar

An eco-friendly over the door towel bar in attractive bamboo and stainless steel hanging brackets. This towel bar measures 9.25 inches in width and is perfect for kitchen towels, dish clothes or hand bath towels. The brackets come with non-absorbent foam backing, so you can safely hang them in the kitchen or bathroom, whether behind the door or cabinet door. They are made to fit securely in these various places.

Users like that unlike some towel bar products, this one comes already assembled and ready to be placed behind the cabinet door or regular door. It’s also a very good looking rack. The bamboo color is of a dark earthly color and it looks great whether in the kitchen or bathroom.

Over Door The Door Towel Bar With Hook Rack And Ceramic Accents

A spacious heavy duty over the door towel bar that is made in attractive Chrome with Ceramaic Accents. A well-positioned line of towel hooks underneath the bar makes this a complete towel rack over the door that combines good functionality with attractive design. Should you have a small bathroom that is lacking in good ways to hang your towels, this towel bar will transform your situation and provide for lots of storage and organization capacity. Besides a strong sturdy bar to hang your big bath towel for drying, it also comes with a series of hooks for hanging additional towels, bathrobes or clothing. The hanging brackets also fit well, and will not sratch your door while holding the towel bar firmly in place.

Overall, users like this over the door towel bar for providing for all that extra storage and organization capacity, its ease of set-up, and last but not least, the attractive way it adds to their bathroom decor.


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