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  • November 25, 2017


Home bars add value to the home especially when you are planning to sell it in a tight market. But while you are in the house, a home bar is great place to relax by yourself or in the company of friends. With such benefits, you will then want to look at home bar plans to install one in your den, in the living room and even in the man-cave.

Plan of Action
Just like most things in the house that require time, effort and money, you must have a plan of action in the installation of a home bar. This way, you can conserve on these three elements essential in transforming plans into reality. For example, when the home bar turns out to be an excellent piece of furniture because of your careful plan of action, you need not spend more money just to have it modified, repaired or deconstructed.


Your plan of action from choosing from several home bar plans to stocking the bar with your favorite alcoholic drinks can look like this:

Choose and then download the home bar plan from an online site

Purchase the materials listed in the plan

Contact a woodworking professional to do the job

Supervise the construction to ensure that it is according to your specifications

Install the home bar and then stock with drinks, glasses and other accessories


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Yes, this is a simplistic approach to building a home bar with the help of a woodworking professional. We can, fortunately, break down the steps into chunks especially the part about choosing the home bar plans since this is the start of the process.


Choice in Plans
Before you even choose a home bar plan, you must first determine where the bar will be placed. This way, you can quickly narrow down your choices based on the available space in both the floor area and the ceiling height. You will not choose a home bar plan that will produce furniture that will not perfectly fit with the area, will you?
So, get your measuring tape out and start the measurements for the floor area available as well as the ceiling height for the home bar. Then, you must add sufficient room for movement around the planned home bar. For example, if the available floor area for the bar is at 6 square meters, you should find home bar plans with a total area of only 4 square meters.
You will then proceed to the style of the home bar. Do you want a simple bar with just sufficient space for a few bottles of wine, a few glasses and other accessories? Do you want all the bells and whistles including lighting, plumbing and even high-tech features? Do you want a mid-range home bar? These questions are necessary so that you will find a woodworking plan for a home bar within your budget.


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And of course, you want to choose from among home bar plans that are complete and comprehensive in every sense of the word. You must find a complete list of materials with their estimated costs, a schematic diagram of how each piece fits, and a step-by-step tutorial. You may not even have to hire the services of a woodworking professional as you can do it on your own!

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