Home Bar Top Plans

As I mentioned elsewhere in this site, I have a few ways in mind for making an attractive bar top. The first set of plans below illustrate a bar top made from 1/2 inch plywood laminated with a nice veneer of your favorite hardwood, then surrounded with flush trim to cover the ugly edge of the plywood. This would be a very affordable way to make a great looking and durable top. In place of the rather thick trim pictured below, strips of the hard wood veneer used for the top and bottom of the bar top could be used. Also, the bottom of the plywood might not need to have a nice hardwood veneer surface if the surface of the plywood is nice enough. For the added folding bar top leafs, however, you would probably want both sides of these covered with the nice hard wood veneer since both sides of these will be seen.


This second set of illustrations (below) show an optional method to making the bar top by laminating wood strips together to form a large board. If you have good quality kiln-dried wood, and you alternate the direction of the growth rings for the boards, this can make a great looking bar top. Alternating the growth rings will minimize the chance of any warping. However, you will need a good hand plane to level the surface, and be sure to use a glue that states “stainable” so that any small amount of dried glue that may be visible will blend well when you stain this top. An option with this bar top is to add perpindicular inlays for added support and a nice custom touch. My most recent bar top is made in such a way and I am using Indian Laurel for the inlays which should look very nice once the surface is well finished. Obviosly, the option above is less time consuming, but this is just another option:

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