For younger kids bedrooms, I favour the bright and bold maritime look, with bedding  featuring boats bobbing about on oceans, friendly pirates and a host of seaside friends. This set below from John Lewis would be perfect for young ocean explorers to dive into at bedtime.

The range also features some fab ocean-going friends; a cuddly parrot, an easy fit, super colourful lampshade and wall stickers, which are such an easy way to update and refresh bedroom walls without the hassle of a full redecoration. They should also remove relatively easily to when the time comes for a change.


Coastal Inspiration

This being the case, I’m totally biased towards a coastal theme as we live by the sea. Who couldn’t be inspired with bright beach huts like these just down the road.

With inspiration like this to draw upon, I’m always scouting for new coastal home ideas to show you, but they say that the old ones are the best! And whilst it’s not that old, the blog’s only been going for a year! Your favourite kid’s coastal idea that I’ve shared with you so far has been this awesome bunk bed camper van.


Kid’s Coastal Themed Beds

I’ve seen this image many times now, but each time, it still puts a smile on my face. It’s practical too, with one bed at the base, a fully functional sliding door to stay snug and a surf board inspired ladder leading to a top bunk for a sibling or a best friend staying over. Brilliant!


Kids camper van bunk bed

And just look at what I’ve found for you now! Hot pink, my favourite colour – check. Another VW style camper van bed – good stuff, complete with a pop up top and an awning – absolutely amazing. Sleeping and playing, this must be many a child’s dream.

Before I move on, I must just share one more bed that regular readers will have seen before and whilst not completely on the nautical tac, this tent bed is thoughtfully designed with the outdoors in mind, to capture your child’s imagination and provide the perfect place to sleep and play.


Coastal Themed Kid’s Playtents

If your budget won’t stretch to a brand new themed bed, they are lovely, but they are also at the higher end of the scale, then why not introduce a coastal theme into a younger kids bedroom with one of these enchanting coastal themed play tents? They are both shown in beach settings below, but would look equally at home in the corner of a kid’s bedroom.


So whether it’s a beach hut like this one:

Or a pirate hang out, both give your kid’s room an inexpensive coastal update and provide hours of fun. A Coastal Themed Room For Slightly Older Kids. OK what about older kid’s? Come on, admit it we all love the seaside regardless of age, but as kid’s get a little older, the overtly nautical look, with bright boats, funky fish and pirate play starts to look a little too young and babyish.

The solution is to retain the feel of the seaside; it’s colours and ambience, but in a more subtle way.  Take a look at this stars and strips themed bedding below, which would work well for kid’s at that in-between stage – too old for kiddie motifs, but not quite old enough to let go of that vibrant seaside feel.

It’s great as it will work equally well for a girl or boy and it has a subtle nod to both the British and the American seaside with its whitewood furniture, floorboards and bedding looking very upstate Hamptons, whilst the bunting couldn’t be more reminiscent of the British seaside.


Teenage Kid’s Cool Coastal Bedroom Ideas

For teenage kid’s it’s all about capturing the essence of the seaside together with that all important, on trend laid back vibe, just like this retro image below. Keep bedding and walls neutral, and for a bang on trend look, accessorize with California cool wooden wall hangings like these below.  Just make sure you secure them to the wall safely.

And to bring things full circle, when they’re way too old for their themed camper van bed, but still have a soft spot for it’s charms,  buy them a small vintage inspired model like this one that I’ve had for ages, which would look ideal on a bookcase. I hope the above has given you some inspiration & I’d love to hear about your take on coastal themed kid’s rooms.

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