Swivel Bar Stools – For Elegance And Ease Of Exit

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  • November 23, 2017


If you are acquiring a bar stool set for a kitchen or a bar, then the swivel function will help the person get on the chair, and into the proper sitting position at the bar. That is regardless of whether you are looking for a backless swivel bar stool, or a swivel bar stool with backrest, a wood swivel bar stool, a metal swivel bar stool, or you are looking for leather swivel bar stools. The swivel function is especially helpful with any bar stool that features arm rests.

When you are planning to use a bar stool in a game room, the swivel will allow you to easily follow in the direction where the most action is happening. For kitchen with a bar and a separate counter, an adjustable swivel bar stool might be the best.

Let’s look at some elegant black leather bar stool choices. We’ll describe the three popular types: Nail head black leather backless stool, Espresso finish wood back swivel stool, and a Swivel bar stool with armrest.

Nail head black leather backless bar stool

This popular backless stool is inexpensive yet functional. Easy to get on and in the position to eat or drink at the bar, in the kitchen, and easy to use in a game room. And when you are done, this chair will be easily stowed away despite its standard, 30 inch seat height. Check it out at 70% off at Amazon.com.

Espresso finish wood back swivel bar stool

When you want your back to rest for a bit, or when you would like to have a place to lean your arm on, then a back rest will come handy in a bar stool. Not a place to fall asleep in a 29 inch high bar stool seat, mind you, as it is a long way to the floor if you fall, but taking a quick rest is fine. Check out this high back swivel bar stool.

Swivel bar stool with armrest

In a bar stool with arm rests, the swivel function is absolutely essential. Think about it: Bar stools are designed to simplify, and speed up the movement, either in the kitchen, at the bar, or in a game room. A counter bar stool must be quick to get on, quick to get off, and quick to get in and out of the position to take in a bite to eat or a quick drink.

So while the arm rests are useful for added stability sitting in a high bar stool, they are a distraction to get in and out of a bar stool. So the swivel feature comes to rescue. Swing the front to the side or back, get in, and swing the chair back in the position for a quick meal. Pronto! Check out a beautiful black leather swivel bar stool with armrest at 34% off at Amazon.

You always need to match the height of the kitchen swivel bar stool with the height of the table, and you need to measure both the height and the width of your bar top or counter top before you buy a matching counter bar stool. The bar stool height of 30+ inch has become the standard for 40-42 inch high bar tables. However, for a lower height, or the “counter height” table or counter, you need lower, 24 inch or so seating height counter height bar stools. Take a look.


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