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  • December 13, 2017


A few months ago I started searching online for free woodworking plans for a liquor cabinet. I also searched for plans for a home bar. The option of simply buying one also seemed appealing, but I was undecided on the buy versus build dilemma as I continued searching the web. Chances are, if you are reading this, you are on a similar search.

The space I wanted to use for a liquor cabinet or bar was limited and I didn’t have a whole room to reserve for a large bar. Having a great looking bar area was an appealing idea, but I also knew it wouldn’t be used as much as a liquor cabinet would. Then I came across an interesting piece of furniture; a cabinet bar.

Since I was looking for the plans to make my own, I was a little bummed when I couldn’t find any free plans that worked for me. However, the cabinet bar was intriguing to me. It had everything I wanted! It didn’t require much floor space, but could become a nice looking full bar whenever the need might arise. It was perfect! I searched for plans for a cabinet bar…and found nothing of any real significance. The solution? I could buy a cabinet bar and assemble it or make my own plans based on the pictures of I found online. I became committed to the idea of building a bar, so I started taking a closer look at the pictures I had found.

I grabbed some graph paper and a pencil to started planning, but then I came across a free program by Google called Google Sketch-Up. After watching a few online tutorials and playing around with the program, I decided it was a better option for me than the graph paper and pencil. I used the program one Sunday afternoon and developed some working plans for my first cabinet bar. Pictures of the first cabinet bar I built from my initial Google Sketch-Up plans are posted here. It was a great learning experience and my most recent cabinet bar endeavor is an improved version of the first one I built.
This site focuses on Cabinet Bars, from building your own to the higher-end Hide-a-Bar™ options from Howard Miller furniture company or Folding Bars like the incredibly affordable Fold Away Bar option from Southern Enterprises. Your next question for yourself should be “Buy or Build?” Luckily, you have all the resources you need available right here at HomeCabinetBars.com to help you decide.

Thinking about buying instead of building your own? You’ll find everything you need to know right here to help you purchase a great one! Plus, reviews of some commercially available options with links are available, all to help you in your search. Want to build your own? My free building plans are posted with instructions geared toward the beginner woodworker, and I’ll provide ideas of modifications you might find interesting.



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